Absolvent Talent Days attracts hundreds of thousands of young people like a magnet. This year the largest job and apprenticeship fair also opens up to the deaf people! Thanks to the cooperation between Sevenet S.A. and Absolvent we will create a special communication area where a deaf person  will be able to talk to a potential employer using the latest online translation technology. The “Communication without barriers” area will be available during the Absolvent Talent Days trade fair in three cities in Gdańsk (March 7), Łódź (April 2) and Poznań (April 10). During the fair, there will also be a lecture in which Karina Akseńczuk – manager of the “Communication without Barriers” and Polish Sign Language interpreter and Michał Konwerski – Deaf programmer at Sevenet S.A., will tell you what the job market looks like from two perspectives – Deaf person and his/her employer. They will explain how to communicate effectively, what tools to use, what to notice in everyday communication and why a deaf worker is a great employee!

We will see each other on March 7 at the ERGO Arena in Trójmiasto! You don’t pay for the participation, it’s free – just download the ticket: https://bit.ly/2WJ8gXK

We cordially invite!